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7 Outdoor Lighting Safety Tips

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Outdoor lighting is a wonderful way to create a beautiful exterior space for summer barbecues and winter stargazing. Outdoor lighting also enhances your home’s security, as criminals are unable to creep around your yard if it’s well lit. Outdoor lighting is rarely dangerous, but it can be if you don’t install it and care for it correctly. Electrical Pros offers these seven safety tips.

1. Maintain Carefully

Your lighting fixtures will get dirty over time but don’t clean them with chemical cleaners. Turn off power at the main switch, mix dish soap and water in a bucket, grab a soft washcloth, and use this combination to clean your outdoor lighting fixtures.

2. Rust Solutions

If you have rust, hard water stains or other tough-to-remove residue, mix water and white vinegar in equal parts and use it to remove them. Once the stains are gone, gently rinse your lighting fixtures. They will sparkle and look as if they’re brand new.

3. Use the Right Bulbs

Check the socket on each outdoor lighting fixture for the proper wattage/voltage combo and then use bulbs with that combination only. If you can, use LED bulbs to reduce insect attraction. Another consideration is whether your lights run on line or low voltage.

4. Change Bulbs at the Same Time

To keep your outdoor lighting as bright as possible change all the bulbs at the same time. Even if only one bulb burned out, changing all of them keeps the lighting in our yard bright and even. You might notice the other lights are softer if you only change the burnt bulb.

5. Make Sure Strings Lights Are Safe for Outdoor Use

You might think that all string lights are safe for outdoor use but they aren’t. Check the safety labels attached to the string lights to make certain they have the okay to use outside. There should be a UL, ETL and/or CSA safety label attached to each string.

6. Watch Out for Grass Moisture

Unless they are designed to be on the grass, such as solar-powered lighting stakes, do not place lighting fixtures on the grass. It’s best to install them along concrete surfaces. Outdoor lighting wiring should only be used and it shouldn’t be buried under flammable things such as wood mulch.

7. Light for Security

Finally, keep security in mind when designing your exterior lighting. Light all pathways and doors and place lights above your garage door. If you have dark side yards, install motion-activated lighting to alert you of intruders. Finally, install floodlights if you have an expansive back yard. Electrical Pros in Dacula, GA, can design and install your exterior lighting. Call us at 770-882-2150.