Electrical Safety

Why it’s Important to have an Electrical Safety Inspection Performed on your Home

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Electrical Safety Inspections Ensure That Your Home is a Good Place to Live

Do you know the state and condition of your home’s complex electrical systems, the ones your family enjoys daily? To stay aware, you need a regular electrical safety inspection by top-quality experienced electricians with sharp eyes. We know your power needs to be stable for the sensitive electronics in your home, sufficient for the power needs of your home theater, shock-protected for outdoor power use, and all coming not from old-school fuse boxes and unreliable old circuit breakers but updated protective power gear.

How Electrical Inspection Information Helps You Live Better

What about wind and solar power blending in with your grid power? Is there a backup generator and a transfer switch? Do you have an EV charging station for your electric car? Knowing that everything is still in good shape, that it was installed properly and meets current standards, lets you and your insurance company sleep at night. This information makes it easier to commit when you’re buying a new home and prepares you for selling. There’s peace of mind in a comprehensive, annual electrical safety inspection.

Essential Areas for Electrical Safety Inspection Review:

  • Electrical panel and service condition
  • Visible wiring, correct gauge of conductor
  • Condition of outlets and switches, use of push-in connectors
  • Light fixtures over capacity
  • Appropriate GFCI protection in wet areas
  • Sufficient quantity of outlets in each room
  • Heating and AC system wiring in good shape
  • Presence of Federal Pacific breakers and panel is a concern
  • DIY and other wiring that isn’t to code, especially from past owners
  • And much, much more.

Do Electrical Safety Inspections Have Additional Benefits?

Electrical inspections don’t just help prevent loss and injury. They enhance reliability. Careful checks of your electrical wiring and gear ensures that your life goes on smoothly, the lights stay on, the well pump has power, your sump pump keeps your basement dry, and your food stays cold.

Electrical Pros Has the Experience and Knowledge for Expert Electrical Safety Inspections

Our 35 years of experience as electricians gives us a careful eye for deteriorating wiring and electrical equipment, past work that’s not up to current safety code, and any potential hazards from your wiring that could result in loss of property or danger to your family. A comprehensive electrical safety inspection every year can save you from having to call us for emergency electrical work. It can also help you arrange prompt corrective action if it is necessary.

Respecting the Power of Electricity Helps Us Inspect with Care

As electricians, we have seen what power electricity has. It can vaporize an entire wrench dropped across the wrong industrial contacts. Power line sparks can jump many feet to make a connection. To tame electricity and use it in your home is something for which we have a lot of respect. As experienced experts, we approach electrical safety inspections as more than a technical review, making sure that electrical power in your home is going to serve you well, and stay in its place.

What Types of Problems Do Electrical Safety Inspections Typically Identify?

What we catch on electrical safety inspections varies from big issues like aluminum wiring, unreliable circuit breakers, and circuits miswired for the wrong current rating, to connections that are likely to heat up, if they haven’t already. We make note of missing kitchen, bathroom, and outdoor GFCI outlets that could leave people exposed to the risk of water and electricity leading to shock, and overloaded circuits that reflect a lack of available outlets.

When Electricity Works Hard or Children Are Involved, We Look Extra Carefully

High current draw equipment like stoves and dryers, shop equipment and welding gear get special attention because their failures can be more catastrophic. In the kids’ rooms, though, we might recommend that the outlets be switched over to new code-compliant childproof ones to prevent a common curiosity shock hazard for kids. Ours is a comprehensive overview of common sense and technical knowledge.

The Bottom Line: Annual Home Electrical Safety Inspections Are About Responsibility

If you’ve ever been responsible for the safety of lives and property on an airplane or a ship, you know how important it is to do a thorough inspection of the vessel on a regular basis. There are many reasons why the same standards need to be applied at home, but the bottom line the same: responsibility. Get the best electricians performing your electrical safety inspection, contact us today.