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Headaches and Eye Strain in the Office? Call an Electrician

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Fatigue, eye strain and headaches are common complaints among office workers, and the usual culprit is insufficient lighting. The number of people working at home has increased but they are using regular conventional lighting to complete their work as opposed to installing appropriate professional lights that will help them get the work done.

People cannot take conventional lighting and use it in the home office. Lots of factors come into play when deciding how to light a home office such as room size, ceiling height, amount of window light and wall color. Just as you would never light a bathroom as you would a bedroom, the lighting in your home office should vary according to what you intend to do there.

Generally speaking there should be more than one light source and the best lighting is achieved by mixing several different kinds of light from a variety of sources. Layering light is the best solution. The lighting has to be adequate to handle tasks for several hours at a time without necessarily tiring your yes.

Give Electrical Pros a call today to set up your home office lighting system. Do not strain your eyes with bad lighting and arrange to have a healthy and stress-free work environment. 770-882-2150