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How to Inspect a Main Electrical Panel

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There are many variables that should be taken into account when inspecting your home’s main electrical panel. The number one rule is to be safe while doing it! The first thing you should do before approaching the panel is inspect your surroundings and make sure the electrical panel has the correct clearances. For example, it is never a good idea to inspect a panel after a thunderstorm or if your home has been flooded. Secondly, you have to make sure that the panel itself is not energized. Should you see sparks or hear loud buzzing noises, walk away and give us a call right away.

If you have to go to the main panel to turn on the power, make sure that you are not standing in water or carrying anything metallic. Touch the panel with the back of your right hand while standing sideways with your right shoulder toward the panel. Doing this will reduce the harm of an electrical shock, should it occur.

Remember, even if your surrounding environment is dry and safe, the panel itself is live with electricity. Should you touch wrong parts of the panel, you will become part of a circuit and get electrocuted. That is why it is important to leave any evaluation or service of an electrical system to a trained professional, especially if you are unfamiliar with the system.

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