Electrical Safety

How to Spot Electrical Problems

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Electrical malfunctions in your home system can have serious repercussions that can lead to dangerous situations such as fires and shocks that could put your family and the structural wellbeing of your home in danger. It is important for every homeowner to be able to spot potential warning signs and problems when it comes to evaluating an electrical system.

What you should look for:

  • Check the panel box: If you see burned or excessively rusty areas, this may be an indication of other problems. If you find yourself commonly experiencing electrical outages and having to frequently reset breakers and replace fuses, there is something wrong with your electrical system and an electrician should be immediately contacted.
  • Check the junction boxes (small boxes where wires are connected together): All of the wires in the junction box should have plastic covers. Look for exposed wires -wiring has a plastic covering and if the covering is damaged and the metal wire is visible, this can be dangerous.
  • Outlets: These wear out over time. If you have to wiggle a plug in an outlet to make it work, the outlet is worn out and should be replaced. A charred outlet also indicates that it is in need of replacement.
  • Switches: If lights do not always come on when you turn on the switch or if lights flicker on and off when you wiggle the switch, the switch is worn out and should be replaced.

Residential electrical systems can be complex, and due to the potential for shock we recommend that all electrical work be done by a licensed electrician. If your home is suffering from electricity complications or hazards, give Electrical Pros a call today. 770-882-2150

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