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Install Ceiling Fan

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Call the Electrical Pros team to install ceiling fans and light fixtures in Lawrenceville, Hoschton, Braselton and the surrounding area. The process of installing a ceiling fan can be extremely difficult, so it is important to hire an electrical contractor to get it installed properly. You definitely need to make certain that the beams you connect the fan to will be strong enough to support the fan while it is on its highest speed, and a professional will be able to make that determination.

You need to run electricity to the fan from the nearest location. This process may involve getting into the walls to find an electrical source. Once the source is located, the electrician will be able to bring juice to the fan to get it to operate correctly.

Is there anything more annoying than a wobbling fan? The process is even harder when there is a light attached to the fan. This brings in another electrical aspect to the already difficult job. Once the electrician has the fan up and running, he or she must make certain that it is properly balanced. If the fan is not properly balanced and mounted, many problems could ensue.

The fan could break causing extensive damage to things in the room or even injure someone. A licensed, certified electrician will make sure that the fan is hung securely and correctly fastened.

Another tragedy could occur if the fan breaks away from the wires that connect the power source to the fan. This would leave live wires exposed which could cause a fire or electrical shock. The purchase of a ceiling fan can be quite expensive so take the time to hire a professional for help.