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Protecting Yourself Against Electric Shocks

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Summer is the time of year when homeowners start to perform home maintenance. Tragically, each year several homeowners receive fatal or serious electric shocks when doing work around their houses.

Current that travels through a person’s body can cause internal and external damage and sometimes death. The effect on a person depends on the amount of current flowing through the body, the current’s path through the body, and the length of time the body remains in the circuit. The effect can range from mild tingling sensations to heart paralysis and severe burns of tissue and organs, often resulting in death.

We wrote this blog as a reminder for homeowners to be aware of the potential risks when working with or around electricity. By following these electricity safety tips you’ll have a safe and productive spring and summer.

  • Rubber insulating gloves form the first line of defense to protect against contact with any energized components or electrical lines. Of course, they are only one component of the protective equipment necessary to guard against electrical hazards. Other equipment includes insulated tools, flame-resistant clothing, and dielectric footwear.
  • Plan your work before starting on any jobs; make sure you locate internal electrical cabling, outside power lines or underground cables.
  • If you are going to be working outside near a power wire or line, such as trimming or removing trees, cleaning guttering, replacing spouting, painting, repairing roofs or chimneys, have your electricity supplier turn the power off first.
  • If you’re working inside doing home improvements such as installing underfloor insulation material, make sure you keep staples well clear of any power cables.

Homeowners who have any doubts or concerns about working with electricity should seek the help of a professional. Contact Electrical Pros to inquire about electrical work or repairs. 770-882-2150

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