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Recessed Lighting Provides Beautiful Option

Recessed lighting used to show up mainly on department store ceilings. Lately, though, it has grown very popular in residential design as well. The advantages of recessed lighting include that it is flexible, unobtrusive and a relatively cheap lighting option.

Recessed lighting consists of cylindrical cans inserted into the ceiling plane. A rough fixture is installed above the ceiling and contains the mounting hardware, lamp socket and any necessary electrical hardware. A separate bezel covers the ceiling opening. The various bezels are what distinguish one fixture type from another, since the rough fixtures are all basically similar. With so many bezel configurations available, you can choose a design and color that suits your home.

Here are two tips to bear in mind when choosing recessed lighting fixtures:

1. Choose bevels according to performance, not just looks. For example, recessed fixtures with mirror reflectors are aesthetically pleasing but are known to create unpleasant glare or hot spots. Make sure you choose a bezel that is suitable in performance as it is in matching the style of your home.
2. Most people simply place recessed fixtures according to what they want lit. Unfortunately, the resulting arrangements often look cluttered and haphazard. While you should obviously consider the room’s lighting requirements, it is important to arrange the fixtures carefully so that they produce some kind of rational pattern on the ceiling plane.

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