Recessed Lighting

Sleek, elegant and unobtrusive, recessed lighting is one of the most popular ways to light up homes today. Here at Electrical Pros, we provide electrical installation for any kind of recessed light for your home whether you’re looking at task lighting for the kitchen island, spotlights inside your cabinets or downlights in your living room.

What are Recessed Lights?

Recessed lights or recessed cans are integrated into the ceiling, providing a way to light up the room without the need for a protruding hanging fixture. They have the capability to open up the space visually, which is particularly important in a room where too many traditional lights will end up looking too cluttered.

Typically, a fixture above the ceiling holds the lighting socket, electrical fittings and mounting hardware. The light itself comes in different sizes, colors and configurations, so you’re almost always going to find something that meets your needs and lifestyle.

Where Should You Install Recessed Lights?

Recessed lighting placement requires careful consideration to make sure your room is properly lit up. If they are installed too far apart, there may be spots of darkness. And if they are too close, you may end up with a brighter room than you want.

The right placement for recessed lighting will depend on a myriad of factors, including the size and configuration of your room, existing light features and more. Consult with an expert electrician at Electrical Pros to make the most informed decision for your home.

Recessed Light Benefits

Many areas and rooms in your home will benefit from well-planned recessed lighting. Here are some reasons why you should take advantage of recessed lights:

  • Ability to install dimmers for additional flexibility in multi-use rooms.
  • Provides accent lighting while complimenting modern spaces perfectly.
  • Offers excellent task lighting over kitchen workstations and vanities.
  • Acts as a decorative light while streamlining the look and feel of your room.
  • Puts the spotlight on decorative elements in your home through smart placement.

Recessed lights present a streamlined and sleek appearance in any setting, which is why so many homeowners have chosen to make the upgrade.

Should I Choose LED Recessed Lights?

Traditional lighting systems are notorious for wasting energy. Incorporating modern LED technology that has a much longer lifespan than traditional bulbs, you get the benefit of a visually appealing, long-lasting and energy-efficient alternative whether you’re looking for decorative lighting or general lighting.

So, if you decide to upgrade by installing LED recessed lighting, the licensed and experienced electricians at Electrical Pros are here to help.

Why Choose Electrical Pros?

Electrical Pros are recessed lighting experts whether you need installation or electrical repairs, having delivered successful projects to many homes across different parts of Georgia. So, why choose us?

  • Fully qualified, licensed, certified and insured electricians since 1985.
  • Work on all types of lights including LEDs, halogens and incandescent lights.
  • Trusted professionals who arrive promptly and do the job right the first time.

We serve different parts of Georgia including  Braselton, Hoschton, Flowery Branch, Dacula, Jefferson, Auburn, Bethlehem, Buford, Sugar Hill, Suwanee, Gainesville, Oakwood, Winder.

At Electrical Pros, we will work closely with you to determine your exact recessed lighting needs, making sure you benefit from our personalized service and attention to detail. Contact us on 770-822-2150 or submit your details to discuss your next recessed lighting project.


Recessed lighting is another common home upgrade that needs to be done by a professional electrician. Recess lighting is great to have because it provides the necessary light right from the ceiling or cabinet.

This saves a lot of space in the area, and no one will have to worry about running into the hanging lights. This job does require a great deal of precision and electrical knowledge to be done correctly.

One of the most important parts of the installation is getting the area prepared for the lighting. The recessed lighting requires multiple areas to be perfectly measured and possibly cut, so the professional electrician will already know the proper way to do this.

Any cuts that are missed could result in unwanted holes in the drywall or cabinet that would then need to be fixed. Once the location of the recessed lighting is prepared, the electrician will have to connect the lighting to the power source. This could be a difficult process, and it is one that requires immense amounts of safety.

Everything must be securely harnessed to prevent the lighting from falling or not working properly. There are many different types of recessed lighting available as well, so this could make the installation even more difficult.

As with all electrical installations, you must make sure not to overload the circuit. The licensed, bonded and insured technician is able to do the math that is necessary to ensure that the circuit is not overloaded to prevent a catastrophe.

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