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The Composition of a Home’s Electrical System

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Out of all the components of a house, we find that the majority of our clients have a very limited understanding of how their electrical system works. For many, the electrical system of a home is simply composed of the electric socket that powers their appliances and the switch that turns the lights on and off. In reality, the electrical system is much more complicated and made up of various components that work together to bring electricity to your home.

What is your electrical system made of?

  • The electrical panel box: The box is usually gray and attached to the wall. It contains several switches and fuses.
  • Wiring: The wiring carries current from the panel box to switches and outlets. Most wires are hidden in walls, attics, basements and crawl spaces.
  • Switches and outlets: We turn light switches on and off and we plug appliances and light fixtures into outlets.
  • Service drop: this is the cable that goes from the electrical pole on the street to your house. If the cable goes underground, it is called a service lateral.

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