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Tips to Improve your Kitchen, Bathroom and Bedroom Lighting

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Good lighting can improve a room’s livability with both comfort and light. Having more lighting options creates a better lifestyle and enriches our lives in terms of the time we spend in our homes.

Here is a short list of tips we have accumulated for our clients to help them improve the lighting in their kitchen, bathroom and bedroom areas:

Task Lighting
Many bathrooms and kitchens have plenty of overhead light, but are often lacking when it comes to task lighting. You can eliminate shadows by including two sources of light, and the result is a workstation with easier-to-see spaces that alleviate eyestrain.

Mood-enhancing lights and dimmers
Places such as bathrooms and bedrooms, once mostly functional, now serve as an extension of our living spaces. The lights in those rooms should be both hardworking and mood enhancing. For example, additional lights placed at a bathroom vanity and aimed out toward the face can help brighten grooming tasks and offer awakening morning light.

Track lighting
Often kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms lack flexible sources of light. A good solution is to use track lighting. The tracking lights can be directed to create different focal points.

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Image by Steve Buissinne from Pixabay