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What To Do During A Power Outage

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Power outages can be scary, especially for the kids and at night. Most of the time, the power is only out briefly, but sometimes it can be down for hours or even days. Losing power to your home isn’t the end of the world but it is inconvenient. To minimize the inconvenience and your children’s fears, Electrical Pros recommends you do the following when the power goes out.

Think About an Outage Now Rather Than Later

Prepare for a power outage before it happens. Have plenty of working flashlights in the house and extra batteries to power them. Make sure you know where each flashlight is, and place them throughout the house in easily accessible locations. Keep in mind you’ll be stumbling in the dark to find them, so don’t store them in places that are hard to reach.

Teach your kids how to find the flashlights by playing a game. Turn out all the lights and reward the child who finds the nearest flashlight first. Make certain that they understand flashlights are okay for them retrieve and handle during a power outage but matches and candles aren’t. Those lighting elements are left to mom and dad.

Place lit candles in safe, sturdy and open spaces to avoid fires. Make sure they are out of reach of children and pets. Have a charged fire extinguisher within reach, too, just in case something does ignite. The extinguisher should be part of a power outage emergency kit that should also include

  • A radio with an alternative power source
  • Bottled water
  • Non-perishable food to last a few days

You want to be prepared for a lengthy power outage even if that doesn’t happen, so think about what you’d need to survive and put it in the emergency kit. As with the flashlights, make sure the emergency kit is easy to access.

During the Power Outage

Once the lights go out and you’ve armed everyone with a flashlight, determine why you lost electricity. Check your circuit breaker to make sure the outage isn’t isolated. Reset the breaker if that’s the case. If all looks well with the circuit breaker and the power is out in your neighborhood, grab your cell phone and call the power company to alert them of the outage.

Call family and friends to make sure they’re okay and to let them know you’re okay. Keep the lines of communication open but be wary of your cell phone battery life. Don’t shoot the breeze with people and drain your cell phone battery because you can’t recharge it. If the power is out due to a storm or other emergency, listen to your car radio briefly to find out what’s going on.

Before the power comes back on, unplug all appliances and electronic equipment – even if plugged into a surge protector – to prevent surge damage once the electricity is restored. Finally, if your power is out for no apparent reason, call Electrical Pros in Dacula, GA, at 770-882-2150.

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