Electrical Safety

Why Does My Plug Socket Keep Tripping

The outlets in your home are designed to prevent electrical ground faults by disconnecting electricity that flows through them. If your socket keeps tripping, it could be caused by several different issues. A GFCI outlet is usually installed in damp or wet areas of your home such as the bathrooms, kitchen, and outdoor areas where water is present. If they trip, it’s time to take a closer look to determine what is causing it, and how to fix it.

Common Causes of Sockets Tripping

An occasional trip is not out of the norm, but if it’s happening constantly, you should investigate the root cause. Sometimes, your plug socket could just be worn out due to age and heavy use. For most newer plug sockets, the lifespan ranges from around 15 to 25 years so if you have an older home with older materials, it may just be time for a replacement. In other cases, the socket could have been exposed to things like water, dust, or debris. If there is worn out insulation or the wires are starting to deteriorate, this can also cause the outlets to trip.

Hidden Problems

Not all plug sockets that trip present an obvious problem like damage or wear and tear. You may need to look more closely at your insulation to determine if it’s worn out, older, or damaged in some way. This insulation is designed to help prevent power leaks so if it’s in bad shape, it will create an issue. You could also simply have too many appliances or electronics plugged in, causing the outlet or socket to trip. You can perform a simple test by using a leakage current meter. This tool measures the amount of electricity that flows through your circuit to help you make a better diagnosis. You can also use a ground fault receptacle tester for GFCI outlets.

The good news is that most outlets are really simple to replace, and they’re fairly inexpensive. If you feel confident or have prior experience replacing electrical outlets, this may be your best bet to remedy the problem. However, if you’ve never dealt with electricity before and you’re unfamiliar with outlet replacement, you should always enlist the help of a licensed electrician. They can help you diagnose the real issue and then make the recommended repairs.

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