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Wiring Problems and Home Safety

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Due to safety concerns, home and business owners should leave the analysis of the electrical problems to a licensed electrician. Below are a few tips and procedures you can follow to maintain the electrical safety and integrity of your home:

  • Inspect your wiring: Although much of the wiring in a house is hidden behind walls, some wires will be visible in attics, basements and crawl spaces. Perform a visual inspection of your wiring. Some common problems to look for are frayed wires, wires that have been chewed by rodents, junction boxes that do not have metal covers on them and wire splices that are not contained in a covered junction box.
  • Use extension cords wisely: Extension cords are intended for temporary, not permanent use. Never overload extension cords. Check them periodically to make sure they are not hot. If they are hot, either replace them or reduce the number of appliances installed on them.
  • Keep combustibles away from bulbs: Light bulbs, especially halogens, get very hot and can ignite clothes, towels or other combustible items.
  • Check outlets: Purchase a plug tester from any home improvement and hardware store. Plug the tester into each of your house’s outlets to check for improperly wired outlets or circuits. If problems are found it is best left to the professional electrician.
  • Some common conditions to be on the alert for: Dimming lights, frequently tripping breakers or blown fuses, and switches or outlets that heat up.

Residential electrical systems can be complex and, unless you have special knowledge and experience we strongly recommend that you do not handle electrical problems on your own. If your home is suffering from electricity complications or hazards, give Electrical Pros a call today. 770-882-2150