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Broken and faulty outlets are frustrating and, in some cases, can be dangerous. Having these in your home could make it hard for you to operate appliances properly, or even have you wondering if there’s a fire risk. It’s always important to use a licensed electrician to help you find out what’s wrong whether repairing or replacing the outlet is the ideal fix to the situation. Faulty and broken outlet repair from Electrical Pros can help by getting them back to good working order in no time.

What Causes Faulty or Broken Outlets?

Most people don’t think twice about outlets until they stop working. This is because outlets are typically very reliable, requiring very little maintenance and upkeep. They typically last a lifetime, but sometimes problems can arise, leading to a faulty or failing outlet. There are several reasons why this may occur:

  • Circuit breaker tripped: One of the most common causes of an outlet failing to work is because the circuit breaker controlling it stopped working. Look at the circuit breaker box to determine if a breaker has been tripped.
  • Blown Fuse: For those properties with a fuse box, if the fuse related to the outlet is blown, that could be a reason why the outlet is not working. Look for melted metal pieces or discoloration on the fused glass.
  • Burned out outlet: In some cases, the outlet burns out. A strong current of electricity sent through the area can cause a very small fire in the wiring. This causes the outlet to stop working. Typically, this leaves a dark residue or burned look around the exterior of the outlet.
  • Loose connecting wires: Any type of loose wiring can be problematic (and this is an important time to call a professional). After turning all power off to the outlet, your electrician will check for this and inspect each component.
  • Faulty outlets: It’s not common, but faulty outlets can be sold and installed. This often leads to the need to simply replace the outlet (again, a task for the pros) to get it working again.

How to Identify Faulty or Broken Down Outlets

How do you know you have faulty outlets or broken outlets that need repair? There are often a few key signs that you need to consider.

  • Broken outlets typically do not work when you plug something into them.
  • There are burn marks on the outlet itself, the faceplate covering it, or on the wall around it.
  • Cracks and chips located on the outlet and the surrounding faceplate exist, especially if these are new. Look for hairline-fractures on the outlet itself.
  • Plugs fall out of the outlet easily. It may seem like the plug will not stay in the wall at all.
  • Faulty outlets and broken outlets may feel hot to the touch.

In any of these situations, outlet repair is critical. Always turn to a professional to have this type of work done for you. Do not attempt to put anything into the outlet. If there is heat, turn off the breaker or all power to the outlet if possible.

How Are Faulty Outlets Repaired?

Both faulty and broken outlets require professional repair. If you have a tripped breaker or a blown fuse, it’s still important for you to know exactly what caused that to occur. Turning to a professional like our team at Electrical Pros is the best way to learn the underlying cause of the problem and get repairs.

Typically, an electrician will provide outlet repair if needed. However, it is often affordable to switch out non-working outlets with new ones easily. For that reason, most people will have new outlets placed whenever their existing outlet is not working.

In addition to this, the electrician may want to look further to ensure the electrical system is safe. That may include visually inspecting wiring to look for signs of fraying or damage. If there is a problem with the breaker box or fuses, those problems may be addressed, too.

In some cases, the electrical within the home may need to be updated to ensure you remain safe. If that’s the case, your electrician will speak to you about the need and the process. That’s typically rarely needed and generally only in older homes or areas where fire damaged the existing wiring.

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