Signs You Need Aluminum Wire Replacement

  • aluminum_wiringInspect old aluminum wiring
  • Replace aluminum wires with copper
  • Reduce fire hazards
  • Connection point repair
  • Fully Licensed, insured and bonded
  • Electrical code compliant service
  • Keep your family safe

If your home is more than 40 years old, there is a probability your electrical wiring is aluminum. Newer homes and office buildings in Metro Atlanta use copper wires. Many people believe the transition from aluminum to copper wiring was due to copper being a superior wiring material. In reality, the rising cost of aluminum led to the switch.

Research into electrical wiring concluded that homes with aluminum wiring have a higher fire hazard risk. As mentioned before, aluminum is a quality material. However, the connection points in older homes and office buildings that use electrical wiring are more likely to cause fires and electrical shocks.

Aluminum wiring stretches more than copper wiring. The stretching causes the fasteners to loosen and overheat the connection points. If your home is older and has aluminum wiring, you should call an experienced electrician. An experienced electrician can locate faulty connections that could cause fires or electrical shocks.

If you notice your electrical face plates are warmer than usual, a burning smell or flickering lights, your connection points might be damaged. An experienced electrician can do a complete aluminum wiring replacement or use a copper connector between the aluminum wires and electrical outlets.

Both of these tasks should only be performed by an experienced, certified electrical contractor. An electrician licensed by the state of Georgia with an A+ rating by the better business bureau can repair your problems and provide you with quality customer service.

Contact an Electrical Pros electrician today to inspect and repair your copper wiring problems. The stability of your home or office building depends on the wiring connections. Keep your home safe from fires by getting a proper electrical safety check.