Electrical Panel and Fuse Box Services

Electrical Panel and Fuse Box Services Electrical Pros Braselton GAElectrical Pros are specialists in providing electrical panel and fuse box services – installing and upgrading wiring, panels and fuses with the latest, most advanced technology today. Our goal is to help you modernize your home’s electrical system with a key emphasis on safety. Providing excellent, on-time service, we can upgrade your fuse box and electrical panels to meet your consumption.

These are some of the electrical panel and fuse box services we provide –

Electrical Panel Repair and Replacement

An electrical panel controls the way electricity flows to your home. Maintaining or replacing aged electrical panels ensures your lights, electronics and appliances work efficiently while keeping your family safe and comfortable. Whether you need an upgrade to keep up with current consumption or a repair to your existing system, we have you covered! Learn more.

Fuse Box Repair and Replacement

Older fuse boxes typically max out 100 amps. This isn’t enough to meet the demands of modern devices. Without enough power distributed around your home, there is a real danger of an overload. Our master electricians will repair and replace existing fuse boxes to keep up with your lifestyle needs.

Sub Panel Installation

Subpanels are usually installed to extend wiring from multiple electrical circuits to specific areas within or outside the home, like a garage, new room addition or outhouse. Keeping up with codes and regulations, we assess your property and needs before delivering the most relevant solution.

Meter Box Repair

Meter boxes are easily overlooked, but they play a vital role in electrical supply and safety. Over time, these boxes can get damaged, become loose or wear out. Our electricians will check and update the meter box, undertaking timely repairs to make sure it functions as new once again.

Meter Box Replacement

If your meter box looks a little worse for wear, you may need to get it replaced. Water leaks, rust and burns around your meter box indicate an issue and ignoring them may result in electrocution, shocks and fires. We will assess your meter box and recommend replacement if necessary to keep you and your family safe.

Electrical Service Repair and Replacement

From wiring to panels to meter boxes to the utility wiring, we provide electrical service repair and service replacements, catered specifically to your needs. Our licensed electricians are just a phone call away – delivering professional, on-time service, every time.

Federal Pacific Panel Replacement

Federal Pacific panels have caused electrical fires when their Stab-Lok circuit breakers failed during an electrical overload. If the panel does not trip, the entire circuit is exposed to damage. Our experienced electricians will work with you to replace FPE panels with safer, efficient alternatives. Learn more.

Zinsco Panel Replacement

Zinsco Electrical panels were common features in older homes. But these panels have often failed to properly operate when energy consumption increased – leaving many homes at risk of electrical shocks and fires. If you have aged Zinsco panels in your home, we recommend replacement to stay up to code and keep your family safe. Learn more.

Challenger Panel Replacement

Challenger panels were popular in the 80s and 90s. Some models were overheating because the breaker failed to trip, causing damage to the components and resulting in hazardous conditions like shocks and fires. We can help replace your Challenger panels with safer replacements.

Electrical Panel Replacement with Lifetime Warranties

We offer many electrical panel replacements which are covered under lifetime warranties. Our goal at Electrical Pros is to provide you with complete peace of mind, knowing that we have taken the utmost care of you, your family and your property.

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