Federal Pacific & Zinsco Panels Electrical Replacement

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Technology is rushing onward, and that includes the technology of residential power. Electrical systems have changed since the old days, and many homeowners have outdated systems without knowing it.

Before 1970, 60 amps of electricity was enough for the average home. With the growing number of gadgets, 150 amps is standard today. Homes built earlier often have their original power system with a 60 amp capacity. Here, power passes through either a fuse box or a split-buss panel. The most common brands for these outdated boxes are Zinsco and Federal Pacific.

A fuse box was a universal feature in homes from the 1950s and ‘60s and is still used in many older homes. In this device, power passes through a metal strip inside a glass casing. When power exceeds the desired limit, the metal burns and power is cut off. These were fine in their day, but they are inadequate for current electrical usage.

The problem is compounded by the fact that previous owners may have tried to “upgrade” by inserting fuses with a higher capacity than the circuits were made for. This means that many old boxes made for 15-amp fuses now contain 30-amp fuses. This is a fire hazard requiring immediate correction.

Homes with a split-buss panel are in no better shape. These panels were touted as an improvement over older fuse boxes when they came out, and that may have been true. Today, they seem like only a marginal improvement and present their own safety risks.

A split-buss panel has small breakers that can be turned on or off. In a power surge, they will cut themselves off automatically. They are undeniably more convenient than old-style boxes because they normally do not need a replacement part to restore the circuit. Unfortunately, they are a fire hazard because the breakers can melt and burn.

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